Customize: Menus

Change the items in various menus like the main menu or the copyright menu.


The menu settings in the customize tab are limited. More options are available via wp-admin > Appearance > Menus.

Available via wp-admin > Appearance > Menus.

Title of the item in the menu. By default WordPress add the page title in the item. Change it to a custom title when needed. This doesn’t change the page title itself.

FontAwesome Icon slug

Add a FontAwesome icon to the menu item.

Change the appearance of the menu item. When enabled the item is shown as a button.

Enable to open the Cookie notice modal when clicked.

This is the main menu of your website. Link a menu to this location to set it as the main menu in the website header.


Sub-menus are supported to one level down. Sub sub-menus are not shown.

Top menu (max. 1 item)

This is the top left menu in the header. You can add only a single item to this location.


When more than one item is set in the linked menu, only the first item is shown.

not active

When the default footer is active and this menu is linked. The menu items are shown in the copyright section of the footer.