Cookies and Cookie notice

Screenshot of the cookie notice. This contains an introduction text with a link to the cookie statement and the form with the three types which can be accepted (analytical, marketing and social).

WordPress uses cookies and so does the Fora11y theme. By default Fora11y doesn’t include third-party cookies, Fora11y uses cookies/ the local storage to store information about visual output of the site (contrast modus) and the options that the user consented to in the cookie notice (which is kept in a Cookie). The visitor can’t opt-out of these functional cookies.

All other cookies that are included in your site must be described in a cookie policy. The Cookie Law does not require that you list cookies one by one, only that you state their type, usage and purpose.


The cookie notice is placed as one of the first elements on the page, even though the notice itself is positioned near the bottom of the screen. This is particularly useful for people with mobility impairments or visual impairments that rely on keyboard controls. When tabbing through the page the first element they find is the cookie notice.

When the visitor submits the form the consent is handled via an AJAX-call. The functions returns the scripts that are consented to and are loaded in the page without the need to reload the page. With this process we guarantee that only the consented scripts are loaded for the visitor with minimum impact on the usability experience.


Change the texts and included scripts via the customize settings.