Almost every website has a logo in the header. This way you can recognize which website you are on. It’s important to properly set up your logo for people with mobility limitations or visual impairments that rely on keyboard controls. Is there text in your logo? Then add it in the alt text of your logo.

Often the logo links to the homepage of the website, you also have to make an addition for screen readers. For this you can, for example, supplement the alt text on subsequent pages with the text “[logo alt text], go to the homepage“.

To keep a logo sharp on all screen sizes, we recommend working with a vector logo in SVG format. It is always sharp and only needs to be loaded once.

The logo in the header will automatically be linked to the homepage. The only exception is the homepage itself, on this page the logo is not linked.


Describe the text in the logo via the alt-text in the media library. This will be added to the alt-text for the image.

When the logo is linked, the alt-text will be extended automatically with the text “go to the homepage” which helps visitors who rely on rely on screenreaders to navigate properly in your website.

When you don’t want to set a logo in the header, disable the logo via the customize settings.